The cosmetics are tested on animals banned in new york

New York State has banned the sale of cosmetics tested on animals, making it the tenth state in the United States to restrict the range of products that can be purchased for animal welfare reasons. The state’s governor signed the legislation Thursday, which will go into effect in January, according to MTI.

as an advocate of prohibition law Linda RosenthalThe representative of the state legislature referred to the fact that research methods today have advanced so much that it is not necessary for cosmetic companies to undergo inhumane experiments on animals during product development in order to create a new makeup or shampoo.

Citing animal protection, in addition to new york, virginia, california, louisiana, new jersey, maine, hawaii, nevada, illinois, and maryland, cosmetics made with animal testing are prohibited from sale in the united states.

A federal bill that would ban cosmetics across the United States is already before the House of Representatives in Washington. The Human Cosmetics Act proposal was introduced to the House of Representatives of Congress in December 2021.

The animal protection organization The Humane Society said the idea had the support of 375 companies operating in the United States during the signature collection, including several drugstore chains that deal in cosmetic products. In New York state, implementing a law banning cosmetics wasn’t the only victory for animal rights activists this week, because Cathy Hochul Thursday, the governor also signed into law a law banning the sale of dogs, cats and rabbits to pet stores operating in the state as of December 2024.

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