The coronavirus outrage in India is so worrying that the White House is preparing to take action

The coronavirus outrage in India is so worrying that the White House is preparing to take action

We are engaged in a live dialogue at a high level and are planning to provide more assistance to the Government of India and health workers in combating the dangerous outbreak of the pandemic soon. “We will be able to share more about that soon,” the spokesman told Reuters in an email.

In India, daily records of newly registered people infected with the novel coronavirus were broken this week.

The country’s Ministry of Health reported 346,786 new infections and 2,624 deaths at dawn on Saturday, and statistics show that a person dies from Covid-19 every four minutes in New Delhi.

The government has reportedly been supplying capital hospitals with military aircraft and railways with medical oxygen from remote areas in India, and Arvind Kedji and the Prime Minister of New Delhi said in a meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday that tragedy could happen if there is not enough medical oxygen. Available at the right time. Other states in the country have also requested assistance from their hospitals.

Bharat Busan Babu, a spokesman for the Indian Ministry of Defense, said on Friday that the military is importing mobile oxygen stations from Germany due to the lack of oxygen needed to inhale those infected with the Coronavirus.

In India, there are about 1.3 billion people in the world’s second most populous country, and 16.6 million people are already known to have recorded 189,544 deaths due to the virus, but the true numbers are believed to be much higher.

Some health experts believe that India soon eased epidemic restrictions after the relatively temperate country escaped the first wave of control, but new viral mutations are responsible for the dramatic increase in numbers.

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Cover photo source: Sanjeev Verma / Hindustan Times via Getty Images

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