The convoy set off before Biden was installed

The convoy set off before Biden was installed

Guatemalan police clashed with members of a Honduran migrant caravan when hundreds of illegal immigrants attacked border guards. The march, in which 4,500 people took part, kicked off from Honduras to the United States on Friday. Experts say it was no coincidence that the convoy began before Joe Biden opened. The president-elect promised to receive 125,000 refugees annually.

Migrants broke through the cordon set up on the border with Guatemala.

Violent clashes erupted between the illegal immigrants and border guards.

Authorities in the town of El Florido, near the border with Guatemala, previously promised not to forcibly arrest the migrant convoy. Later, the country’s leadership decided not to allow the crowd to proceed.

People from Honduras set out on foot to the United States at dawn on Friday. In response, Guatemala and Honduras deployed thousands of soldiers to the frontier, and Mexico tightened control over its southern border.

About 4,500 people have traveled it thousands of miles. Experts say it is not a coincidence that the convoy has just set off for the United States. Joe Biden promised to increase the number of refugees to 125,000 a year. Under Donald Trump, that number was 15,000. Trump followed a strict immigration policy throughout his tenure.

Migrants say nothing can stand in their way.

The Guatemalan Immigration Office has warned that another convoy of close to 3,000 people has also sailed from Honduras to the United States.

Guatemala and Honduras are located in the so-called Northern Triangle of Central America. Poverty and crime are pervasive in the region.

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According to international organizations, an average of half a million people from the two countries try to reach the United States each year in hopes of a better future.

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