The contract has been signed, and HS2, the British super train can be built

British Super Rail was planned more than ten years ago and is now a step closer. And the government signed a contract with Hitachi and Alstom, according to which the trains will be built for two billion pounds (about 850 billion forints).

The maximum speed of the trains will reach 400 kilometers per hour, but they will practically run “only 360”.

The agreement covers the production of 54 trains, which will help maintain or create a total of 2,500 British jobs, according to the statement. The trains will be based on Japanese technology, but will also take into account the experience of European high-speed rail, creating one of the fastest, quietest and energy-efficient railways in the world.

The first train is scheduled to roll off the assembly line in 2027, followed by another 2-6 years of testing and tuning before it begins carrying passengers. One train is 200 meters long, but 400 meters long trains can be operated by connecting two vehicles.

New trains will also be built on their own, but they will also be able to run on existing British railways. HS2 is expected to halve travel time between some major UK cities.

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