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The consecration of St. Stephen’s Church was celebrated fourteen years ago

August 20, 2021 8:22 PM

St. Stephen’s Church in Georgini was consecrated on August 20, eleven years ago. This place became the center of communion with God and with each other. Good bread was also celebrated on the occasion of the National Day.

Kp: Barbs Ursulia

There are a few churches that also celebrate Name Day. This is St. Stephen’s Church in Gyergyszentmikls, which will take place on May 30, but on August 20 it will be put up for sale. On Friday, the thirteenth anniversary of St. Stephen’s Church was celebrated with a liturgy.

The ceremonial speaker, Reverend Gerge David – who has been head of the church in Girgi since August 1, founder of St. Michael’s Church – emphasized: In our struggles. Stephen’s cheese and the people took the faith seriously. This faith gives strength, enthusiasm, love, solace and faith, confirming that Gyergy npe has always been proud of the faith, and that is what the church dedicated to the 13 dances around it. He also stated in his sermon that bread is a sign of achievement, loyalty, trust, rm and hla, and that he revived the chromatic salve that appears in the life of Jesus.

Zolten Krests, rector of St Stephen’s Church, also gifted him the daily meal, and thanked painter Gergy David for “visiting and taking the time to celebrate.” Tell her to fill her hair so that she can put souls in Gheorgheni and not indulge in this business.

For the ninth time this year, the bread offered by the local authorities, the new bread, was sent in front of the church after Sunday.

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“When we are in trouble, for example, when we are sick, we start to think about how important our health is, when we get away from church, we have a commotion, we realize we have problems with our credit. A lack of bread even when there really isn’t,” Barty said at Speech by Tehmer Deputy Chief of Dance in Harghita District.

Zolten Enge, the city manager, interpreted the ideas of Mayor Tibor Anders Serge, emphasizing the important role of the church and life in the community, whether on holiday or on a hill next to the church. Those present can take the gift of baked bread, and the rest is given in favor of the charity kitchen.

Barbs Ursulia


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