The Communists retreated from behind the Babis, losing most of the Czech government

The Communists retreated from behind the Babis, losing most of the Czech government

A bipartisan coalition government led by Andrzej Babis has become a minority in the Czech House of Representatives after the opposition Czech and Moravian Communist Party, which had so far supported the cabinet under an agreement with the United Nations movement on tolerance, formally denounced the agreement. Tuesday night.

The United Nations Center Movement and the coalition government of the Czech Social Democratic Party have 92 members in the 200-member Chamber of Deputies. If necessary, the Communists would assist the government, who had 15 deputies, which allowed the government side to have 107 MPs representing the majority.

Communist Party Chairman Wojtek Philippe says his party has lost confidence in the UN movement and will no longer support the government if a motion of withdrawal of confidence is submitted. However, the party itself is not making a proposal to place blame on the government.

UN Prime Minister André Babis, the head of the United Nations, did not particularly comment on the Communists ’decision, which was anticipated based on recent developments and discussions. “We are a minority government and from now on, we will seek the support of other parliamentary parties whenever necessary,” the prime minister said on public service television.

The United Nations signed the so-called Tolerance Agreement with the opposition Communist Party for a period of three years, which made support for the coalition government subject to certain conditions. These conditions – mainly the adoption of social laws, such as a faster increase in pensions – were gradually met by the government by the end of last year. However, two communist demands – a reduction in the increase in the army’s budget and the creation of a new development bank – were no longer understood in the government, and the negotiations did not produce results, so the Communists finally ended the tolerance agreement.

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“The Communist Party has lost faith in its partner,” Wojtek Philippe told reporters after a decision by the party leadership.

The right-wing opposition parties do not rule out that this situation will lead to early parliamentary elections. Head of State Milos Zeman announced on October 8 and 9 the next regular elections for the House of Representatives. (MTI)

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