The circuit sports legend won the seventh Olympic gold medal

The circuit sports legend won the seventh Olympic gold medal

British prosecutor Jason Kenny won his seventh tarek gold medal at the Olympics on Sunday.

Including the number of contests (scratch, temple race, knockout race, points race) in omnium, the opening seriously affected the outcome. In the last scratch round there were two attempts, in the second it was almost half the field: Omnium’s last two players, Laura Kenny, went down, and lost the race. Jennifer Valenti, who won bronze with the Japanese team, took bronze with the American streak, and the Japan World Cup Kajihara Gumi moved to a number of places.

Kenny, who was a member of the British duo that beat Madison on Friday, was the leader of the Temple race, but he was out of number. He also missed the opportunity of the second Olympic champion to compete for points in the points race.

In his midst, the contestant Valente fell nine times before the end of Kadjara, and in the twenty-sixth year the American became the Olympic champion, and also placed the second world champion in Japan. Third place winner Kirsten Wilde, the eight-time world champion of the Dutch national team, won 38 times in the first Tarek.

The blacksmiths, Jason Kinney and his wife, Laura Kinney, own a total of 12 gold coins.Forres: Agence France-Presse / Odd Andersen

The victor, however, was Laura Kinney’s husband, Jason, who won McDonald’s Kirin of Japanese descent. In this figure, a special motorcycle, with a clear ride, constantly increases the speed of the plyn lv – usually six – and then after being killed in the last chrome races, the off-road race begins.

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In the final, Kenny took advantage of the opponents’ momentum to open the opponents, opened a hair of chrome, and won an unusually high number of tens of seconds. The 33-year-old Kenny took his seventh tkariks championship – his ninth in a row – and came home from his fourth Olympics with a gold medal. After the creation, sports legend Aziz Al-Hasani Awang and Dutch third Harry Lavrijsen were promoted to sports legend.

In the Ne Sprint, Canadian Kelsey Mitchell defeated the 200-meter flash with 10,154 seconds.

Ni Omnium, Olympic Champion:
Jennifer Valenti (USA) 124 points
2- Kadsihara Gumi (Japan) 110
3. Kirsten Wild (Hollandia) 108

Ne Enemy, Olympiad, Champion:
Kelsey Mitchell (Canada)
2 – Olena Shtrykova (Ukraine)
3 – Lee Fage – Sze (Hong Kong)

Mitchell Starikova 2-0
Third place:
Lee Emma Haines (Natures) 2-0

frfi keirin, olympic champion:
Jason Kenny (Great Britain)
2 – Aziz Al Hassani Awang (Malaysia)
3 – Harry Lafrisen (Netherlands)

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