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The Church Music Festival was organized in the Veszprim postal Hungarian

The Church Music Festival was organized in the Veszprim postal Hungarian

Szabolcs Szamosi organist, organizer Philharmonic Hungary Nkft. In his welcoming speech, the managing director of Pécs began greeting him with a personal memory, recalling the concert held at Pécs Cathedral. He explained that there is no technology that can reproduce the sound of an organ whistle. When the device sounds, the whole floor trembles with its force.

The current concert is still trying to do so. The goal is to strive for perfection – said Szabolcs Szamosi. He added: I want to find the best, the most perfect, to touch, reach, and pass it on to others. Gregory goes back to the roots; They treated the fruits of a few decades of research in the sciences, biology. The audience can hear the original Gregorian language in a performance for the Vienna Academy of Music school.

In his opening remarks, Archbishop Giorgi Udvardi of Veszprem thanked the director of the Philharmonic for the great work that he and his colleagues and partners had done regarding this concert series, and in recent years “with the goal of evangelizing to know more people authentically., We can pass.”

The chaplain expressed his happiness at being able to listen to the live concert again and that, thanks to the organizers, he could participate in such performances. He expressed his hope for future cooperation, especially with regard to the title of the European Capital of Culture 2023, to be held in the region.

Deceives the soul. With the soul. With soul.

Archbishop Giorgi Udvardi said he is focusing especially on our evening tonight on the approaching celebration of Pentecost, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit of God, a single idea is not born, a single formula is not born, a single poem, a righteous work, or a scientific discovery is not born, but a work of art is not born.

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The Holy Spirit of God will be poured out on the earth, and will renew the color of the earth. And it is this flow that fills us with strength. Because in contemplation of a work of art we may be partners in the way that the beautiful, true Creator imagines the power of the Spirit. With his talent, he puts this on paper, shapes it, delivers it, and records it with drawings. Then come those who perform these drawings and graffiti.

The same spirit that helped form, the same spirit that gives the means, the same spirit speaks and the same spirit works in us

Head pastor said.


The Gregorian School of the University of Vienna of Music consists of current students and alumni of the Church Music Department. Antanina Kalischitz has been Professor of Gregorian and Liturgical Studies at the University since March 2020, and in this capacity, after her predecessor, Professor Cornelius Bodrogin, she also heads the department’s school. The school sings regularly in a changing lineup in audiences and at concerts at home and abroad.

The invitations are usually to Gregorian festivals, international symposia, and scholarly lectures, and their central theme is the interpretation of the oldest Gregorian repertoire manuscripts known today.

Source and Image: Vesprm Parish

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