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“The Church is the place where the unity of our lives can be restored.”

“The Church is the place where the unity of our lives can be restored.”

The Bishop explained that our soul forms a unity with our brothers in faith, who speak the same language as us. – This is how we, Hungarians, Reformed, Catholics, Evangelicals, Baptists, all who confess the name of Christ, can be here in this church or listen to the radio. We can rejoice in the new building together, but our joy will be complete and true joy when we rejoice for the owner of every Christian church, for God who created us as communicators, and for this reason gave us souls. That is why it is important for our soul to be here and always be close to God so that he can address us, because we can be addressed through our soul and we can respond through our soul – Zoltan Balogh pointed out.

The Bishop once again stressed that “the Church is the place where the unity of our lives can be restored.” It is not enough to wait for our spirit to arrive and restore our inner unity. Rather, we need the Spirit of God, because this is the only way this inner unity can be created. Do not look for Him, but let the Spirit of God enter your life, and then He will be with you, and He will take care that you do not belong to yourself physically and spiritually, but to your faithful Savior, Jesus Christ! – The President of the Clerical Council preached to those gathered.

Concerning the relationship between body and soul, Bishop XVI. And also Pope Benedict, who said: “We humans are the embodied expression of our spirit.” – It is not our body that forms our soul, but rather our soul that forms our body. Faith is not an indefinable spiritual or religious feeling, but rather our real life. Hands, feet, lungs, head, heart—the Spirit of God works through them, through which our instincts become conscious action. This is how love becomes a motive. It is not our instinct that controls what we like and what we do not like, but rather our love becomes an instinct. The Reformation, for which we are still grateful today, rediscovered this. We do not trust things, Christianity has always known this, only deep truths are to be discovered again and again. Saint Augustine said that I am searching for the truth, the truth of Christ, and when I find it I will begin searching for it again. God is not restricted to a holy place, not even to a holy time. Every place, every situation, every time, every moment can be an opportunity to speak to you, to hear you and to let you in. If this happened, then—as Calvin also testified—work would also be worship, family would also be church, and leisure would also be thanksgiving. “This is how this place can become a church of the Holy Spirit,” the bishop said, “but for that it is necessary that those who come here carry the Spirit of God, the love of God with them.”

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