The chubby girl was engaged to a fibrous fitness trainer

The chubby girl was engaged to a fibrous fitness trainer

The woman who is blessed with a full profile and personal trainer says love doesn’t depend on the pounds.

23 years old Brittany Jack He no longer believed he could find love, as his ex-partners regularly put pressure on him and encouraged him to lose weight – Wrote Mirror.

A woman who lacks self-confidence may never have thought a fitness trainer would be the choice of her heart: the 23-year-old Matt MontgomeryThey met on Facebook. The chemistry between them worked out on the first date, so it’s no wonder that they were planning a wedding, they said that they were immediately hit by Cupid’s arrow. The girl was 116 years old and the boy 63 pounds, but that wasn’t in their way either. Remember the past Brittany like this:

My expats said they would break up with me if I didn’t start dieting. I felt like if I did, I wouldn’t really want myself anymore. I wasn’t sure that I would find someone who would accept me and love me as I am. Matt makes me happy.

Matt recounted how she was so drawn to the plus-size girl that her slender, ex-boyfriends weren’t so much fun with their skin.

When I met Brett, he seemed very confident of my sympathy for him. He doesn’t want to change his body and I wouldn’t ask him to. Whatever you want and be happy with me.

The lovers announced their engagement these days, but commentators made offensive remarks: They think they shouldn’t be together due to the 53-pound weight difference. The couple claims size isn’t the key, and happiness can’t be measured in pounds either.

We want more fat and skinny people to work together. The misconception that love depends on the pounds.

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