The Christmas tree was delivered in the well of spring - photos

The Christmas tree was delivered in the well of spring – photos

Last year, nineteen children were born in the village.

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“We are here for a dual purpose.” One is the greeting of those born last year, which unfortunately was missed in 2020 for known reasons and is happening now, and the other is the handover of the Christmas tree. Waiting for a baby is a special matter that demands more attention, with this statue by sculptor Tibor R Jonas we would like to pay attention to them too – Emre Fodor, mayor of Forráskút, said in the park in front of the office on Friday morning, where the special memorial was marked.

A Christmas tree was delivered on Friday morning in Forráskút, where the names of children born that year will be inscribed in letters. Photo: Chapa Karnock

In his speech, citing the Franciscan friar Chapa Bugti, the mayor said that the best gift the good God sent was wrapped in children.

“We were wondering how we could do that anymore.” I think this tree is a worthy memory, an objective memory that parents and children will be able to come to. And although wood cannot be turned into an iron ring, the sculptor succeeded in making wood from iron – He indicated work.

Nineteen children were born in the Spring Well in 2020, there is enough space on the tree for 22 years for the children’s menu for 22 years, and one of its branches symbolizes the unborn children.

After Emre Fodor, the parish priest Emre Antal took the floor, who began by saying that he did not attend any events commemorating the living who had come into the world. After the parish priest blessed the Christmas tree, after the group photos, the mayor handed a sprig of roses to the parents and then waited for those present on a Christmas cake in the foyer of the wedding hall.

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