The Chosen Ones Live Among Us And Can Watch The Netflix Premiere Months Ago

The Chosen Ones Live Among Us And Can Watch The Netflix Premiere Months Ago

In exchange for viewing before the premiere, they only expect feedback – and the user is an American.

Since May 2021, Netflix has made new movies, series and shows available to many subscribers early so they can provide feedback to their streaming service provider, diverse They also received a letter sent to potential participants.

The company also confirmed the presence of small groups for subscribers. According to Emil, the panels are grouped together in such a way that they represent several types of viewpoints. At the moment, the program only works in the United States.

Focus grouping is not known in Hollywood, and Netflix itself has already tested several functions with narrow user groups, such as the ability to shuffle. There are also pre-premiere viewers provided to the press, and, as it turned out, the broadcasting giant collects comments not only from critics, but also from users.

How it works?

Concerned Committee Poll Process: Kábé shows the candidates shortlisted for six months the films and series they are about to release on Netflix, and upon completion of each title, they fill out a questionnaire about

“What you liked, what you didn’t like, how you could improve on what you watched, and who would highly recommend the topic to your friends and family.”

Participants must sign a non-disclosure agreement, and cannot speak about the content made available to them.

Cover photo: The first episode of the fourth season of Stranger Things, which begins May 27.

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