The Chosen One: Three or four kilos of muscle still missing - Zappulex Shun

The Chosen One: Three or four kilos of muscle still missing – Zappulex Shun

Based on National Sport’s testimonial – we’ve also ranked players entering the field from 0 to 10 in national team matches – Szabolcs Schön is the best in the World Cup qualifiers. In the US, we evaluated the fall World Cup qualifiers with a Legion striker.

Szabolcs Schön is happy to become a national team player at a young age, but knows what he still needs to develop (Photo: Attila Török)

Ten games and seventeen points for fourth place. Is this real?
– After the European Championship, the majority expected that we would achieve second place in the first group by the end of the World Cup qualifiers, and we set ourselves this goal, and I am sorry that we did not succeed. The 21-year-old MLS striker told our paper, Sean Czabolx. As for the reality, if we played better in the two games against Albania, if we focused on it more, we could have scored more points. In this case, we could have talked about second place, but unfortunately it turned out differently. On the other hand, I am glad that the result and the match shown in the last two matches were good, but it is still better to end the group fights with two victories.


“In the fall, painful defeats and space feats exchanged. How did that hit in the locker room?
The mood after Albania’s home match and England’s match against England can’t be compared. After we got out of Puskas Square, we sat in the changing room, sad and angry. We knew it wouldn’t be appropriate to score one point in two games, we all hurt by two defeats – seeing the group’s final score reveals how much those points are lost. However, we should not be ashamed of the results achieved in Wembley and Warsaw, we also won a draw and won the dungeon football game, and we took advantage of the opportunity in both games.

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Was second place available or far away overall?
“We should have done a lot better in two games, so it was close.”

– How did the national team progress in the fall qualifiers?
We talked a lot after the European Championship that the next step in development would be the ability to sustain the match that featured in the three group matches. We more or less brought the organization that appeared in the summer, except for the second half of the domestic game against England, they did not go through any of the encounters, we did not have a lane to defend. Of course, there were bugs, but I feel the foundation is certain, and for the most part, our situation was just fine.

– How would you rate your performance? Our paper was the best of the national team in the World Cup Qualifiers based on the national sport rankings.
First of all, I am happy that I was able to present myself to the national team before my 21st birthday this summer. I was doing my best to help the team, and I feel like I probably wasn’t disappointed in most matches. I tried to follow Marco Rossi’s instructions and I feel I was able to add my role to the team game even in attack. However, I still have to get better at swordsmanship. I’m not one of the eighty-five-pound soccer players, barefoot, in their fight against the body, I felt like I was still missing three or four pounds of muscle.

“The MLS in MLS didn’t make it to the league playoffs, so its season is over. How do you spend the rest of the year?
– We got two weeks off from the club, I’m trying to take advantage of that and relax. After that I start training, running and sports work are also included in the program. We want to be in a better position to prepare from January 16th.

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