The Chinese were annoyed by an American ship

The US Navy said that the US aircraft carrier conducted a destructive operation called Curtis Wilbur in the Taiwan Strait in accordance with the provisions of international law. They also added that crossing the strait demonstrates the United States’ commitment to the idea of ​​a free and open Pacific region and that the United States will continue to engage in similar practices in the future.

However, Chinese forces expressed sharp protests and condemned the US movements, which they said were sending a bad message to the pro-independence Taiwan forces and threatening peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.

Taiwan authorities stated that the ship had crossed the strait from the south and that the situation was not unusual.

By the way, China fears that the democratically elected Taiwan leadership is preparing to declare formal independence for the island, which is unacceptable for Beijing. According to the Taiwanese president, this is not necessary, because Taiwan is effectively independent. However, tensions between China and Taiwan have escalated sharply in recent weeks, and the US has not ignored this, which is aimed at ensuring Taiwan’s security.

Cover Image Source: Mai / The LIFE Images Collection via Getty Images / Getty Images

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