Chinese car manufacturer BYD, which is building a factory in our country, has been ramping up its expansion, and a clear sign of this is a giant new ocean-going cargo ship. The global manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs) and batteries has launched the brand's EXPLORER No.1 ro-ro vehicle transport vessel.

The name ro-ro comes from the English words “roll on” and “roll off” and refers to the fact that cars roll on and off the coaster under their own power. The ship was launched on January 10 in Yantai Port, Shandong Province, China, and then set off on its maiden voyage from Xiaomu, Shenzhen Province.

Chinese supercar carrier 1

EXPLORER NO.1 will significantly expand the brand's transportation capabilities. The 199.9-meter-long, 38-meter-wide freighter, capable of transporting a total of 7,000 vehicles, is as sustainable as possible: its drive chain is dual-mode and gas-powered. LNG (liquefied natural gas) as well as conventional fuels. It can cover a distance of 30,000 kilometers at sea on a single charge, so you do not have to stop at every Polar port to refuel.

In the next two years, seven more similar vessels will arrive in BYD's fleet, which now use the company's battery and generator technologies, as the brand is committed to making maritime transport cleaner and more environmentally friendly.