The Chief of Staff of the former Maltese Prime Minister has been arrested

The Chief of Staff of the former Maltese Prime Minister has been arrested

He was arrested Joseph Muscat The former Maltese prime minister, who on Saturday was indicted on charges of corruption, money laundering, conspiracy, forgery and other crimes.

Keith Chambery An investigation was opened against him after he received bribes from selling Maltese passports and bribing the CEO of a company to which he had sold a printing press for millions of euros.

According to the prosecution report, the man also forged documents and gave false testimony.

Between 2013 and 2019, Shambari headed the Prime Minister’s Office as Chief of Staff in Muscat. He got into a scandal in 2016 when a leaked database known as the Panama Papers revealed that he had created an exoskeleton weeks after Muscat came to power.

The journalist who was killed in Malta, Daphne Caruana of Galicia He was the first to reveal the Panamanian Schembri and was just working on a power plant leak when killed.

Schembri in December 2019, when Caruana of Galicia He was arrested in connection with his murder, and he resigned as Chief of Staff. He was later released without charge.

Muscat resigned as prime minister weeks later as a result of anti-corruption protests.
Shambari was one of 11 people charged by the court on Saturday. The defendants included his father, his business partner, a team of accountants, financial advisors and a financial controller. They all declared their innocence. The judge refused Shambari’s request to release him on bail and froze his property.


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