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The CEO is furious after 400 Ryanair flights have been cancelled

The CEO is furious after 400 Ryanair flights have been cancelled

Michael O’Leary posted his angry message on Twitter, stating that this state of affairs is untenable.

Yesterday, the low-cost carrier had to cancel 400 of its 3,200 flights, or all eight, due to a strike by French air traffic controllers. France’s aviation authority initially asked airlines to cancel a third of their flights from the capital’s second airport, Paris-Orly.

Like O’Leary in the video Confirms

Most of their canceled flights were just transit planes, so he doesn’t see a reason to ground them.

He said canceling such flights was “totally unsustainable” and accused the authorities there of prioritizing domestic flights.

At the same time, he asked the European Commission to force France to ensure the protection of overflights during strikes, as was done in Spain, Italy and Greece.

So last week the company launched a petition that O’Leary says has more than 1.1 million angry travelers signed. As he added, they respect the unions’ right to strike, but in the event of a strike, domestic or domestic flights in France must be cancelled. Ryanair has had to cancel more than 4,000 flights this year due to outages at various airports.

If you also experience flight cancellations or delays, we have some ideas for how you can spend your increased free time.

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