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The centenary of British-Hungarian diplomatic relations was celebrated in London

After the video messages on Monday, a large-scale festive event was held.

On Monday, two video messages from London arrived in Hungary. In one, Ambassador Ferenc Komen spoke about the two countries’ shared history, and in another, Prince Charles recalled his memories of the Hungarians. A large-scale celebratory event was held in London on Monday night to commemorate the centenary of diplomatic contacts between the United Kingdom and Hungary.

The above video of Prince Charles was shown at a reception organized by the Hungarian Embassy in London. The Hungarian government was represented at the event by Peter Fekete, Secretary of State for Culture at the Ministry of Human Resources. Speaking to MTI, he said that the cultural relations between the two countries date back much further than the beginning of diplomatic relations a hundred years ago.

“In the field of art and culture, we are here in Great Britain, and we are very confident that Great Britain will have a stronger presence in Hungary economically.” – said the foreign minister. Peter Black said:

With Brexit, Hungary has lost a great partner.

“However, I think we can preserve the focal points in the field of cultural life, and I also think that Hungarians living in Great Britain will also find these cultural focal points.” Foreign Minister said.

On the anniversary, Ferenc Komen, Hungary’s ambassador in London, told MTI: With the end of British membership in the European Union (Brexit), there were necessarily barriers to trade with which Hungarian companies interested in trade between the two countries were able to adapt very quickly. For the new conditions, preparations began in time, so the new rules did not cause any great shock.

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He added that the process is currently in an intermediate stage, so it is too early to form a brief opinion, but Hungarian companies They took the first turns well.On this basis, there are opportunities for further improvement of trade relations.


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