The battery pack alone weighs 15 tons under the truck.

A 240-ton electric mining hauler powered by a 1.4 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery system will soon be in use at an Australian site. The heavy-duty truck conversion was from the Swiss company Liebherr and the electrical unit was developed by the Williams Advanced Engineering team. According to the plans, in addition to the fact that the drive can recover a large amount of energy when downhill, it is also possible to recharge depleted batteries in 30 minutes, he writes. cars world side.

The dump truck will be tested in Pilbara, Western Australia, and owner-mining company Fortescue aims to power its machines in the future without using fossil fuels, which are used to mine iron ore. This includes replacing diesel-powered vehicles with battery-electric and green hydrogen-powered trucks.

The electric system of the giant transport vehicle was developed by a team of fifty engineers and technicians. The weight of the power supply system alone is 15 tons, and the length is 3.6 meters, the width is 1.6 meters, and the height is 2.4 meters. Each of the eight sub-assemblies contains 36 units, each individually cooled and each with its own battery management system.

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hvg. hucamel

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hvg. hucamel

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