The captains and players of Paksi FC laid a wreath at the grave of Albert Lazuc

“Uncle Bella, because that’s what everyone called him, was born in Oroszlany, and like many people in Pak, he was also drawn to our town by the Nuclear Power Plant. In addition to his work, he devoted his free time to a flourishing sports life from the very beginning, as well as financially supporting sports Significantly. Since he himself boxed in his hometown, it is no coincidence that Paxson was also the first to deal with boxing. Since the early 1980s, he has been the head of the PSE boxing department. Football even then. He organized small stadium tournaments for youth teams of different ages, and from there he had a direct path to the head of the PSE football department. He had an indisputable role in the fact that our city still has a team of bald ibis. During his decades of work, he made a lot of relationships, everyone respected and loved him. He was the one who never said no to anyone. He helped anyone he could turn to with a problem, everyone. Sport was everything for Uncle Bella!” – wrote the official website of Paksi FC in his memory.

Managing Director Zsolt Haraszte (from left), Norbert Peter, Janus Hahn, Laszlo Egger, Janos Szabo and Josef Karszt lay a wreath at the grave of Albert Lazuk

“Every March, our club awards the Young Footballer of the Year with Lazók Albert Vándordíj, in recognition of the greatness of our former captain. As every year around this time, the club’s directors and notable local players visit Albert Lazók’s grave on the 17th. March this year, where they also laid a new wreath,” the club’s website reports on the events.

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