The Canadian women's hockey team will start the Olympics with seven players

The Canadian women’s hockey team will start the Olympics with seven players

Photo: Twitter / TeamCanada

The Canadian women’s hockey team has a high chance of winning the Beijing Winter Olympics, of course, with American defenders and traditionally strong Finnish and Russian teams.

In any case, Canadians can already reserve a priority: they stand out in terms of LGBTQ vision. There are at least seven players on the squad who have also made public appearances. There has never been an example of this in the history of the Winter Olympics, as only the Dutch women’s soccer team was measured at the 2020 Summer Games, with seven open players.

Ten women’s hockey teams will start in Beijing, half of which will play at least one female player – including the Czech, Finnish, Swedish and American teams. The Outsports However, according to his group, there are no more players outside in any team other than Canada. Among the seven Canadian athletes – Brian Jenner, Erin Ambrose, Emily Clarke, Melody Doust, Jamie Lee Rattray, Gilles Saulnier and Mika Zandi-Hart – there is one that Beijing already considers the first Olympics. It’s Brianne Jenner, who has already won Olympic gold and silver, and married former teammate Hayleigh Cudmore in 2019.

Meanwhile, the Canadian team is already 12:01 Defeated Switzerland in Beijing.

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