The Canadian striker has been hired by DVTK Polar Bears

The Canadian striker has been hired by DVTK Polar Bears

As Stephen Anderson, DVTK polar bears in the Slovak Hockey League cemented their brilliance with a Canadian striker.

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a Club website According to his information, the 26-year-old has signed a contract until the end of the 2020/2021 season, and will already be arriving in Miskolc on Sunday.

“In terms of playing style, I am a high-speed striker, and I can be creative in the offensive area, and my shots are also among my strengths,” said Corps. “Beyond that, I love physical play, big collisions. One of my short-term goals is to adapt quickly to European professional hockey. I expect to be standing in a very fast technical league on a bigger ice surface.”

I am looking forward to joining the team and representing the club in matches too. This will be the first European stage in my career, so I have a great desire to prove it. “

Coach Dave Allison says Anderson is a very skilled, fast and strong striker.

“It is especially difficult for opponents to play against him because he works hard on the ice and makes his team-mates stronger. Wherever he has played so far, he has been successful, and I am sure he can continue to do so with us.” The coach explained that he comes to us from one of the best university programs in Canada .

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