The Canadian national team will come to Budapest with the best players possible

The Hungarian national ice hockey team concludes its preparations for the Group I World Championships with matches against 27-time world champions Canada and the Slovenian national team.


According to the announcement made by the Hungarian Confederation (MJSZ) on Monday, the national team will welcome the Slovenes behind closed doors on May 3 and in front of spectators on May 4 at the MVM Dome, where they will face off on the ice against Canada in May. ninth. The latter will be the last stage of preparations before the World Cups in Tampere and Riga starting May 12, so – according to the announcement – the North American team will reach the best available team as well as the NHL playoffs.

“After several months of work, we were able to put this long-awaited match under the roof of the work. World ice hockey stars have not visited Hungary in recent years, so we can open the MVM Dome in a really dignified way at an ice event. We hope we can start the national team’s travel. Hungarian to Tampere, to participate in the World Cup finals, with a full house, in a great atmosphere, and in an unforgettable way,” said Sipos Levente, Secretary General of the Republic of Japan, in a statement. Association.

The Hungarian and Canadian teams have met 13 times so far, with one Hungarian win, two draws and ten Canadian victories. The only Hungarian victory came in 2006, when the North American team called Thunder by Bombers, who participated in the Four Nations Championship in Budapest under the name of the Canadian national team, was defeated by the smaller Hungarian team with the names of Gábor Ocskay, Krisztián Palkovics, Balázs Ladányi and Márton Vas and Viktor Tokaji to win 6-4. Twice at the Elite World Cup our team met with Maple Soup, in 2009 they lost 9-0 in Switzerland, and in 2016 they lost 7-1 at the tournament in Russia. The last time the Hungarian national team played against North America was in November 2016, when the Canadian national team, which was playing in Europe, won 5-1.

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As mentioned above, before Canada, our team will face Slovenia twice, both times at the MVM Dome. The first game on May 3 will be the first ice event at the facility, which was delivered two years ago, and it will also be a test for the site, so it will take place without spectators. But the next day, the teams will take to the ice in front of an audience, and thus “this will be the first public hockey match in one of the largest indoor sports halls in Europe,” according to the federation’s statement.

Ticket sales began at noon on Monday Eventim ticket office on the side.

The Hungarian national team will play a total of 11 preparatory matches before the World Cup, where it will play Ukraine on April 5 and 6, Japan on April 14 and 15 in Miskolc, and then in Sosnowiec with a match against the Poles on April 20. and 21, and then play the Brits on the 25th and 26th. Two matches against Slovenia follow, and then a proper finale against Canada.

Selected Hungarian ice hockey tournament program
Sunday 13 May
Hungary – Denmark
Monday, May 14th
USA – Hungary
Wednesday, May 16th
Friday, May 18th
Hungary and Sweden
Saturday 19 May
Hungary – Finland
Monday 21st May
Tuesday 22nd May

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