The campaign took a turn before the US midterm elections

According to President Joe Biden, Republicans will lead the United States out of democracy, and according to Donald Trump, Democrats will lead it to communism – ahead of Tuesday’s congressional elections, the campaign has turned to the finish line. Rifles of the two major parties deliver their last speeches.

According to Biden, there will be a decisive vote on Tuesday, and the political direction of the country may be determined for 20 years. Democrats targeted women and youth in the campaign, placing the issue of abortion at the center of their narrative.

Joe Biden said, “For election deniers, every election can have two outcomes: either they win or fraud occurs. That’s true. But let me tell them something: You don’t have to love your country only when you win,” said Joe Biden, president of the United States.

While Biden was in New York, the former president held a rally in Florida. Trump has hinted again that he will run for president again in 2024.

“In order to make our country great again, to make it successful, safe and great, I may have to try again. Let’s keep in touch!” Former US President Donald Trump said.

Republicans have campaigned on economic stability and public safety, and Trump has appealed to Hispanic voters.

According to the latest polls, the Republican Party may advance in the elections. If he wins majorities in both the House and the Senate, President Biden’s room for maneuver will be drastically reduced in the second half of his presidency. Currently, the Democratic Party has a comfortable majority in the House of Representatives, and the ruling party has a majority in the Senate with the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Joe Biden will conclude his campaign in Maryland and Donald Trump in Ohio.

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