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The butterfly effect: British air traffic collapsed, and flights to Budapest were severely delayed
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The butterfly effect: British air traffic collapsed, and flights to Budapest were severely delayed

One airline reported a network-wide outage, however According to British Air Traffic Control, British airspace has not been closed. At the same time, restrictions had to be imposed, which also meant a particular disruption, as it is a public holiday in Great Britain, making it one of the busiest days of the year – He writes on Sky News. Air traffic control said they are still working to fix the problem, but it is still not known how long it will take, nor the cause of the disruption.

Hungarian flights were also affected

According to the European air traffic authority, Eurocontrol, “extremely significant” delays are expected due to the failure of Britain’s flight data processing system. Irish air traffic control says the technical problem is limiting the UK’s airspace capacity.

Budapest airport on their website Based on published flight information, many flights to London have been canceled and significant delays in departures and arrivals are expected: for example, Ryanair flights do not take off to Stansted before 11pm, and British Airways flights do not arrive before 11:00. 3 am to Stansted airport. Hungarian capital. also reports on canceled flights informed on his social page.

Loganair about it on her social media page Tell him Passengers due to air traffic disruption can re-book another flight free of charge within the next 48 hours.

Travel insurance: This is how Hungarians get travel insurance

Almost two-thirds of travel insurances were for beach holidays in June. The most popular destination for Hungarians is Croatia, Italy dropped to second place, and Greece to third place – according to data.

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