The British state will push the obese to act

The British state will push the obese to act

Obesity is a serious problem in the United Kingdom, and the Coronavirus pandemic is calling more attention to this problem. The government is allocating large sums to improve the situation and is also considering taking extraordinary steps to achieve the goal.

The British government may soon pay money for overweight people to relocate. The idea, based on the Singapore model, is part of a larger government program to reduce obesity – Writes for proper Manchester British newspaper.

The United Kingdom ranks fourth on the list of countries with the most obese populations. 63 percent of English adults and one in three high school children are overweight or obese. The government appears committed to reducing this percentage urgently. For example, by offering a reward to obese people who want to move.

The British are considering, among other things, introducing a program that is already in Singapore, the “step challenge”. The bottom line is that after every step they take, which is recorded by the mobile app, overweight people get health points that they can redeem for various things, even money.

Obesity has been a serious problem in the UK for some time, but the coronavirus epidemic has really shown just how urgent its treatment is. Coronavirus is more dangerous for obese people, and vaccines protect them less than those of a normal weight. According to death statistics, in countries where the obesity rate is more than fifty percent, ten times as many people die from infection with the Coronavirus as in other countries.

After, after Boris Johnson The British Prime Minister, who became seriously ill in April of last year and was hospitalized with a Coronavirus infection, has begun to speak openly about his fight against obesity.

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