The British sent so many guns to Ukraine that the artillery evaporated – firefighting is now underway in London

We wrote earlier about the fact that Great Britain supplies most of the self-propelled artillery systems to Ukraine, which left the British artillery arsenal almost without weapons:

Army Technology writes about the fact that the AS90 self-propelled howitzers and L118 towed guns given to Ukraine were to be withdrawn anyway, but the Mobile Fires Platform (MFP) announced their replacement will have results only by the end of 2020 – even the AS90s will remain in the system .

In order to address the problem, in addition to the authorities working to accelerate the MFP, they are working on the procurement of ‘bridge’ artillery systems, which will be staged until the arrival of the next generation of artillery systems in the UK.

Army Technology hasn’t been told exactly what the bridging solutions could be for developing a British self-propelled artillery capability, but they wrote that they believe it could be considered.

  • integration of remaining L118s into mobile vehicle platforms such as 6×6 HMT trucks or 4×4 HMMVWs,
  • Another solution is the Wolfram project, the essence of which is the integration of the Brimstone missile system on trucks, with the help of which British forces can acquire an MLRS with a firing range of about 20 kilometers.

Ukraine is expected to receive 64 L118s, 24 AS90s and a “handful” of M270 MLRS systems from the UK, the magazine reported.

Cover photo: Leon Neal/Getty Images

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