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The British Parliament overturned a huge taboo: that Taiwan be called an independent country
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The British Parliament overturned a huge taboo: that Taiwan be called an independent country

Taiwan has all the conditions for statehood, including permanent residents, a designated territory, government, and the ability to do business with other countries – but it lacks greater international recognition.

– says the official report of the British Parliament in the House of Commons, adding that “Taiwan is now an independent country, known as the Republic of China.”

This approach may provoke great indignation and harsh reactions from Beijing.

The atmosphere between the two countries has been frosty for five years, but British Foreign Secretary James Cleverly is visiting China this week.

Beijing rejects the establishment of the state of Taiwan, and considers the issue of the island’s affiliation an internal Chinese affair, and describes the government in Taipei as separatist. Currently, only 13 countries officially recognize the Republic of China, most of which are small countries in the periphery, Central America or the Caribbean.

According to Alicia Cairns, chair of the British Foreign Affairs Committee, they are aware of the Chinese position, but do not recognize it. According to him, it is absolutely necessary for the British Foreign Secretary to firmly support Taiwan’s interests and promote the island’s right to self-determination.

This commitment is not only in line with British values, but also serves as a stark message to authoritarian regimes around the world that sovereignty cannot be achieved by force or coercion.

Cairns added. The committee criticized the British government for not being firm enough in its support of Taiwan and called on officials to begin developing sanctions against a possible Chinese invasion. According to him, London should build stronger relations with Taipei and can count on Japan’s help in this regard. The report also blamed the British government for not announcing the British “China strategy”, which the Germans did.

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