The British Parliament has adopted the law regulating the dire consequences of Brexit

515 deputies voted in favor of the agreement regulating trade between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, 29 voted against and about a hundred abstained.

The deal was rejected by a number of senior members of the ruling Conservative Party, including two former prime ministers, Boris Johnson and Liz Truss. According to his initial announcement, the House of Commons faction of Northern Ireland’s largest pro-British Protestant force, the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP), voted against the agreement.

However, the acceptance of the agreement with the European Union in the House of Commons was not in doubt for a moment, because in addition to the majority of the Conservative faction, the largest opposition faction, the Labor Party, and other opposition parties also announced in advance that they supported the Windsor Framework Agreement.

The border between Great Britain and Northern Ireland was re-controlled as a result of the British leaving the European Union, because due to the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland (part of the United Kingdom) and the Republic of Ireland (a member of the European Union) could not close the border, while the exchange of goods had to be checked Somewhere due to the British exit.

The Northern Ireland Protocol was going to do this between the Irish island and Great Britain, but the British refused to implement it, so a new agreement was reached between the EU and the British after years of negotiations. The British Parliament has now said yes to this.

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