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The British government wants to tighten immigration

The British government wants to tighten immigration

The Home Secretary has introduced a tough immigration bill into the British Parliament. If accepted, the authorities can deport refugees who arrive illegally after 28 days, with the exception of unaccompanied children and those at risk from a health point of view. A quota will also be provided for legal asylum seekers.

British Home Secretary Soella Braverman drew the attention of members of the House of Commons to the fact that developed countries will have to deal with an unprecedented wave of immigration in the coming years, while the receiving countries are not yet able to deal with the problem. .

Critics of the bill, including the opposition and NGOs, say the plan is immoral and that the British government is handling the issue poorly.

Nick Beals, an activist with the NGO Essex and London Asylum, said the British government should focus on finding a safe way to claim asylum. Many people who could be granted refugee status in the UK under current regulations are currently arriving on life-threatening routes run by people smugglers.

Expressing the government’s position, Britain’s Home Secretary deflected criticism by saying that those who arrived by boat had previously touched many safe countries where they could have applied for asylum. Since 2018, some 85,000 people have crossed the continent illegally, 45,000 of them by boat last year alone.

Suella Braverman emphasized that Britain is always ready to accept those who really need help. In the past five years, nearly 500,000 people have sought refuge in Great Britain, 160,000 of whom came from Ukraine.

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According to the British Home Secretary, illegal immigration will not stop until London understands the world that those who cross the British border illegally will be detained by the authorities and deported within a short period of time.

The bill would limit the number of refugees who can settle in Britain who arrive safely and legally.

However, under the upcoming law, those who come to Britain illegally will be permanently barred from returning, and their asylum applications will be automatically canceled without special consideration.

If the country of illegal immigrants is considered a safe country, they must return to it, and if not, they must go to another safe country.

The draft specifically mentions the Central African country of Rwanda among the safe resettlement countries, where London recently concluded an agreement on the reception of illegal immigrants deported from Great Britain.

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