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The British government is trying to deter illegal immigrants with advertisements
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The British government is trying to deter illegal immigrants with advertisements

The Home Office did not say how much the ads would cost, but it did Campaign that will start next week in Albania It also “demonstrates the dangers” immigrants may face for lost souls

A record number of people crossed the English Channel last year, and more than six thousand have been spotted so far in 2023.

The Home Office said Albania was a “safe and prosperous country” and that many citizens traveled through several countries before arriving in the UK to “submit bogus asylum applications”.

Until March this year, Albanian nationals submitted the most frequent asylum applications in the UK: 13,714 applications were submitted, of which 9,487 were across the English Channel.

“Organised migration crime is a global challenge that requires international solutions along the entire migration route,” said Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick. “This includes working proactively at the source before people embark on dangerous and unnecessary journeys,” he added.

“We are determined to stop the boats and the campaign launched in Albania this week is just one part of the Home Office’s work to dispel myths about illegal travel to the UK, explain the reality and combat the lies spread by the vicious people smugglers who are profiting from this heinous act,” Robert Jenrick confirmed.

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