The British girl who fled to ISIS at the age of 15 cannot return home

The British Supreme Court so Established On Friday he could not return to his homeland, Britain Shamima BegumShe is only referred to as the “bride of ISIS.” The woman was 15 years old in February 2015, and she is also 15 years old Princess Abbasi And 16 years old Cadiz Sultan He traveled unaccompanied from London to Turkey, and from there they passed through Syria, where the three joined ISIS.

Begum was deprived of British citizenship early in 2019, however, he wanted to return home to reclaim it. He could have done this according to a previous court ruling, but the Supreme Court decided otherwise, so he must stay in the Syrian refugee camp where he has been living for years.

Shamima Begum was conducted by the conservative British daily The Times, who gave an interview to him in 2019, sparking a big storm. It turned out that the woman married a Dutch man who had joined the Islamic State, had two children with her, and later died. She became pregnant for the third time, then went to the refugee camp as the fighting progressed, and her husband surrendered to the Syrian forces.

In the interview, he spoke about seeing the severed heads of Syrian soldiers, but said he did not bother him because he thought about what the enemy would do to him if he was alive. Begum has repeatedly indicated his desire to return home, but British public opinion is divided over whether Shamima should be given another chance.

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