The British await the coronation of the king with mixed feelings

Not many people like the fact that the coronation takes place at a time when daily life is also a problem for a significant part of the British.

All of Great Britain III. He is preparing for the coronation of King Charles. There are quite a few associated with the event, meant to bring UK communities together, but some ambivalence can be felt among the descendants of immigrants from former colonies, such as the Caribbean.

Among them is musician Deron White, a member of the Brixton Chamber Orchestra, who will entertain crowds with the band and his so-called “Coronation Carnival Set”, gospel, jazz, disco and rap on the streets of South London.

Euronews produced a podcast before the coronation, you can listen here:

“I can imagine that people of some communities will feel some ambivalence between the historical event and a particular music, and what that music means and what it means to many,” said the musician.

Southall, a suburb of London, is known as “Little India”. The owner of an Indian restaurant, Gulu Anand, is especially pleased to be one of the king’s former guests. The owner of the restaurant said that it shows the king’s greatness that he really cares about people, he wants to know where they come from, are they happy, are they satisfied with their work. The third said: “I think he is the king of the people.” About Karoli, the owner of the restaurant.

Many people do not like the fact that a huge event with huge costs is being organized in the UK at a time when, in the midst of the economic crisis, daily livelihoods are also a problem for a large number of Britons.

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