The Brazilian team started in the Copa America, and has a great opportunity for a new word كلمة


Football in the Copa America will start on Sunday in Brazil, which, like the European Championship, has been postponed from last year to this summer.

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In addition to the Brazilians, Neymar (with a score of 10) does not only talk about the domestic track and good performanceداء
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The role of the host was originally Colombia and Argentina in the continental battle, but the former failed to settle due to the tense domestic political situation and the latter due to the pandemic.

Bolsonaro will not leave
Thus, the right to settle came to Brazil two weeks ago, where the epidemic situation was not the best. Because of this, the announcement of the settlement aroused great discontent, so that the players of the Brazilian national team did not agree to the sudden change of place, but decided not to boycott the tournament. FIFPro, in a statement last Tuesday, expressed serious concerns about the Brazilian settlement.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro refused to resign despite criticism. “I have consulted with the ministers about the settlement – including the Minister of Health – and there is no change in the matter, a decision has been made. Since the beginning of the epidemic, I have been saying that I am sorry for the deaths, but we have to live our lives,” Bolsonaro said.

Matches are held in 5 stadiums in 4 cities (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Cuiaba, Goiania), each meeting will be a closed goalkeeper. Four teams from each of the five groups will advance to the quarter-finals. The final is scheduled for July 10 at the Maracana.

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Neymar will be there
The biggest chances in the tournament are obviously the hosts Brazil, which will feature the biggest stars, including Neymar, Thiago Silva and Marquinhos, but Casemiro, Fabinho and Gabriel Jesus will not be missed either. The biggest missing team from Tite’s side will be Coutinho, who is suffering from injury. The Brazilians also endorse leading the World Cup qualifying group in South America with an impeccable balance after six rounds.

The host’s biggest challenge may be the Argentina national team, which is the hallmark of Lionel Messi. The Argentines have also not lost in the World Cup qualifiers at the moment, although they have recently drawn with Paraguay, Colombia and Chile.

Without Australia and Qatar
Traditionally, he has been invited back to the tournament from two other continents, but Qatar and Australia have already canceled their participation in February. The two countries missed the matches due to the World Cup qualifiers in Asia and the new schedule did not allow them to participate. The South American Football Confederation (CONMEBOL) tried to recruit more teams, but was unsuccessful. (lz, UFO, MTI)


the group: Argentina, Bolivia, Uruguay, Chile, Paraguay
Group B: Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru


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