The Brazilian president postpones his important visit to China due to illness

China is Brazil’s number one trading partner, but they also want to discuss Ukraine.

He got pneumonia Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva The President of Brazil, who had to cancel his visit and meeting in China because of this Xi Jinping With the Chinese President, the Brazilian President’s Office announced on Saturday local time.

Lula was originally supposed to leave for China on Saturday, but due to his illness, the visit, which included a 20-hour flight, was postponed by a day on Friday. Finally, on Saturday, on the advice of his doctors, the entire trip was postponed to a later date.

The Brazilian president, who took office in January, is trying to establish broad contacts in the international arena. According to him, he makes sure that he is ready to negotiate with everyone, and with this in mind, he has already visited Argentina and the United States in recent weeks. And after his scheduled visit to China at the head of a large delegation, according to the original plans, he was to visit the United Arab Emirates at the end of next week.

China is Brazil’s number one trading partner. A high point of the planned visit was that Lula would share with Xi Jinping his own peace plan for Ukraine.

Already during the recent visit of the Chinese president to Moscow Russian President Vladimir Putin He presented the Russian president with a 12-point peace plan developed by Beijing, which includes recognition of the territorial sovereignty of both Ukraine and Russia. While Western countries imposed a number of punitive measures against Moscow, neither China nor Brazil accepted sanctions against Russia.

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Celso AmorimThe newspaper “O Globo” quoted an adviser to the Brazilian president as saying that the visit to China is still important to Brazil and that they will find a new date for the trip as soon as possible.


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