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The bodega is once again a meeting place for entertainment and culture

The bodega is once again a meeting place for entertainment and culture

Stefania Biko

The meeting place of relaxation and culture is the Bodega Wine Bar in Nagyvarad. In the past few years, the popular entertainment venue for the residents of Vara has deviated slightly from the path it started in 2014. This year, they set themselves the goal of making the bodega a meeting place for entertainment and pure culture, catering to all ages. They have already taken the first steps: they have started to organize various cultural events, and at the same time they have expanded the offer of the place with special and high-quality wines, which have already revealed a lot about the vision. Of course, many residents of Nagyvára know everything, because the nightclub does not enter foreign lands. However, those who experienced the bodega’s first “high” can expect new things, too. István György-Csáki, co-owner of Bodega, has reported to our newspaper on the developments that have already taken place, as well as plans for the near future.

Quality wines for all tastes

As we have learned, the idea is that not only beer and other drinks will be sold in the evening, but you will see wine glasses on many tables – however, for this, the selection must be excellent both in quantity and quality. Although there were only two or three wines to choose from not so long ago, Bodega already has a wine list, which to date reveals a much broader selection and will only continue to expand. Guests can also choose from Australian, Californian, and African wines, and the bottled wine list includes several familiar wineries – Darabont (Bihar), Neshpil (Beltec, Xatmar), Finca/Karastelik (Karastelik), as well as Republic of Moldova wines and great classics like Egri bikavér and Tokaji asz is one of the outstanding wineries in Hungary.

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However, the biggest pride is the Turul factory wines, which can also be tasted here. As we learned, these products are also special because, in addition to growing the grapes in an environmentally friendly way, most of the wines are made unfiltered, unfiltered and without yeast by Sándor György-Csáki, István’s brother. The wine list will be expanded in the future, so that the capacity of the venue is also developed for this purpose, since suitable conditions are also essential for storing wine. By the way, the wine lists contain not only the names of the drinks, but also some information in order to make it easier for guests to decide what they want to drink. By the way, the fact that they will soon organize wine tasting sessions, which will be held not only by local winemakers, but also by experts from abroad, will help a lot.

Music, theater and literature

In the bodega, not only improvements are made in terms of the choice of drinks, but we can also expect many events: concerts, round table discussions, literary and theater evenings. The first concert of the year has already been announced: Rius & Band will perform at the Bodega on April 21st from 9 p.m. In addition to concerts, they also place great emphasis on music on weekdays, because they want to be able to cater to as many guests as possible, so they work to ensure that, in addition to the most popular hits of the day, the all-time greats of light music are present in good proportion. .
The venue is also linked to the Szigliget Theater and the Christian University of the Partium, so it is expected – as in previous years – that there will be collaborations with these institutions as well. Bodega can also provide an excellent venue for round table discussions, and organizational work has already begun in this regard. According to the plans, they are going to invite, for example, guests who travel around the world and with whom it will be possible to talk informally and who can report on their adventures – like Csaba Varga.

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In addition to all this, István György-Csáki also mentioned that renovations are underway, but not those that would affect the functioning of the place or that would take away from the tavern ruin style exterior, they are just modernizations, through which you also want Ensure guest comfort. The specific idea is that the covered terrace will be adapted to the needs of the younger age group – there will also be parties here – and the interior spaces will be designed according to the needs of the older age group. István György-Csáki emphasized several times during our conversation: He wants people who visit here to feel at home as much as possible, and he will do everything to make that happen.

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