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The boat of champions in rival Körös Kayak

The boat of champions in rival Körös Kayak

The Hungarian Kids and Puppies Championships were held in Socorro on 1 and 2 August and it is also a commemorative competition for György Kolonics. According to tradition, Körös Kajak SE represented the colors of Gyomaendrőd in great number, having been camping in their usual place for more than twenty years. Prior to the national championship, the youth of Körös Kayak SE participated in a one-week training camp in Szarvas. The intense heat wasn’t an obstacle to maximum practice performance either, and as well as the kayak builders from Szarvas, the UTE riders also prepared for the extra races of the season at Szarvas Youth Camp, where they geared up with the riders from Gyomaendrőd. Based on three hard workouts a day, we can rightfully hope to do well in the OB, as already in these age groups can demonstrate the broad and strong foundation of country kayaking.

On day one he placed first out of three races with the best time ever in the MK-4 1000m, so he was a national champion: Nelli Mészáros, Léna Kabai, Roland Csiki and Noé Katona-Szabados.

MK-2 finished fourth in the 2000 meters: Liliána Gubucz, Léna Kabai.
8. Placed in the K-1 1000m Preliminary Race: Ágoston Nagy
10. MK-4 2000m place, 6th MK-4 1000m place: Zsolt Gellai, Rajmund Nyikos, Gordon Varsányi, Zalán Katona.
15. mk-1 2000m place: Nelli Mészáros
19. Mk-1 2000m position: Seki Roland

On the second day, our competitors performed well, further enriching Gyomaendrd’s sporting successes. Noé Katona-Szabados won another championship in the MK-1 U11 2000m!
With this result, he got the Nelo boat for a year of use thanks to the offer of

Other great places:
6. MK-2 U11 2000m Venue: Petra Moncacci, Katuna Keti
6. Place MK-4 U11 1000m: Petra Munkácsi, Kitti Katona, Péter Balogh, Botai Vatai
7. Place the K-2 U14 1000m in the race: Zsófia Fekécs, Panna Gubucz
16. K-1 U14 2000m Location: Ágoston Nagy
17. Place K-2 U14 2000m: Gubucz Panna, Kabai Léna
22. Place MK-2 U11 2000m: Vatai Botond, Balogh Péter.

Thanks to great places and points, our club of 78 leagues closed in 15th place on the medal table, so it contributed significantly to the success of Attila Vajda Regional Academy.

We are waiting for everyone who feels like water sports, and wants to spend his free time doing sports, for example to have a good mood with a kite boat, but we are also waiting for the application of teams and groups of friends who want to spend their free time together. Apply for our courses when you are 7 years old to become a member of one of Hungary’s most successful sports!

In our water park it is possible to experience our tour boats, dragon boats, visitors and cyclists who have expired for training can also enjoy SUP as an increasingly popular sport, which is not only entertainment, but also an excellent racing opportunity even for them. Elderly. Of course, our tools are available for this, respectively. We are constantly acquiring new kayaks, sups, and other sports equipment.

Czech Zult +36 (70) 420-1944
Tímárné Tandi Gyöngyi +36 (30) 938-0322

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