The Black Cleopatra series on Netflix was a huge flop

The Netflix docudrama premiered two weeks ago Queen CleopatraHer reputation was greatly preceded by the casting of a black actress in the role of the historical figure. However, it is now clear from public statements that the series has had one of the worst ratings results in television history.

Let’s look at the facts!

the Queen Cleopatra Rating on IMDb: 1/10, rated by 55,000 viewers, site statistics show, among other things, that it received the most negative votes from Egypt.

It has a 2 percent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

According to Google, only 3 percent of Netflix users have liked this series.

Unprecedentedly low scores for a production of this caliber.

It’s hard to take this documentary seriously when there are flaws in almost every scene. (…) At court they spoke not Egyptian, but Greek ”

wrote a reviewer on Rotten Tomatoes.

I’m all for creative freedom with movies/TV…but to pretend this is a factual documentary is arrogant and disrespectful. For a documentary, the amount of inaccuracy makes it impossible to take seriously. It’s amazing that the creators thought the audience was stupid enough to accept this masquerade.”

Swipe another user.

Netflix’s Queen Cleopatra is a shallow docudrama that often veers into Mills & Boon territory, telling the legendary queen’s story with the dramatic force of a Wikipedia article.”

they wrote.

As reported by 888, the fact that Netflix changed the race of the ruler in the series dealing with Cleopatra’s life caused a lot of outrage around the world. Cleopatra was played by an actress of color, contrary to the accepted fact that the “Queen of the Nile” was of Greek origin.

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The Egyptians, for example, were so upset that they sued the streaming service, saying the movie’s trailer contradicted Egyptian history.

Regarding the color of Cleopatra’s skin, archaeologist Zahi Hawass, former Egyptian Minister of Antiquities, put the finishing touches on i. In a statement, he described portraying Queen Cleopatra as a black woman as a “falsification of the facts,” adding:

Cleopatra was Greek, which means she had white skin, not black.

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