The Birch Stream platform socket revealed itself

The Sierra Forest will be very comfortable in terms of packaging, which of course has been typical of the high-performance trend for a long time.

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About Intel’s Sierra Forest development We wrote more about it at the end of November, when we also mentioned the LGA7529 super-socket that the platform uses. The first photos of the latter have now arrived, which YuuKi_AnSBeside Hassan Mujtaba Posted on Twitter. Thanks to this, everyone can calculate whether they have all the pins, although perhaps this information is easier to believe.

(Source: Hassan Mujtaba on Twitter) [+]

Sierra Forest, which is based on the Birch Stream platform, will likely be the first server design to be built on a 7nm node called Intel 3, and on paper will be built against AMD’s Bergamo platform. At the same time, according to the current plans, it will not be released this year, so it may encounter AMD’s design later.

(Source: YuuKi_AnS Twitter) [+]

It seems certain that a system using Alder Lake’s E-Cores optimized core design will have more than 128 cores, but the maximum number is not yet known. In any case, a large number of memory channels can be attached to such a thick shell, so the expandable system memory will definitely be large.

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