The big transformation of Windows 10 is coming

The big transformation of Windows 10 is coming

Microsoft 2020 focused primarily on Teams, Office 365, and new Surface products, the year was less eventful for Windows 10, and only major security fixes were included in the released packages. This year will be more exciting with Windows Latest according to, Redmond folks have been rumored to be working hard on the Windows 10 Sun Valley update, and improvements are to be expected in Windows 10X as well as native support for Android apps.

The company is also planning special events this year to announce improvements to enterprise products, gaming services, security and Windows. An event devoted to the future of Windows is likely to be expected in a few months, when the next big update will be announced. According to Sun Valley, which has dramatically revamped the system interface, it will be the package with the most changes since the Big Creators Update released three years ago.

Microsoft is also working on a solution that allows developers to make their Android apps available under Windows 10 – without emulators. Although applications written for Android can run in the operating system, but only with utilities. One of the goals of the project, called Project Latte, according to the portal, is to support Google Play services as well.

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