Túl bugos az iPadOS 16 nagy dobása, késhet az új operációs rendszer kép

The big launch of iPadOS 16 is buggy, and the new OS may be delayed

iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 may not be released at the same time.

Back in 2019, Apple separated the iPhone and iPad operating systems, giving birth to iPadOS, which is still iOS-based under the hood, but due to its many add-ons, the people of Cupertino saw it as justified to put it. as an independent platform.

In recent years, the current version of iPadOS has always been launched alongside iOS, but this year, the two operating systems may go their separate ways, due to an unruly centralized functionality.

Specifically Mark Gorman, who expands the most reliable dropout camp Recently wrote about itAnd, based on beta tests, iPadOS 16’s biggest feature, revised multitasking, doesn’t work very well. The solution, which somewhat replaces the current primitive system, allows you to resize windows, place them on top of each other, and switch between groups of applications through the stage manager.

The functionality initially only comes to more powerful iPads running the M-chip, but Gurman knows it doesn’t work well even on these devices in their current state, so for this and other reasons — for unspecified reasons — Apple has delayed the launch of the new iPadOS by a month. At the same time, the decision does not conflict much with the schedule for the people of Cupertino, given that the appearance of the tablet operating system could be closer to the debut of the M2 iPad Pro, which is expected in the later part of the year.

Of course, Apple hasn’t commented on the report, but the new iPhones and iOS 16 will likely arrive in September, so it will be clear within weeks if Gurman is right.

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