The Biden government also ended the last decades of building the border wall between the United States and Mexico

According to a press release from the Federal Department of Homeland Security in Washington, the left-wing Democratic government led by Joe Biden has also ended the last decades under the presidency of Donald Trump to build the border wall between the United States and Mexico, so it certainly won’t. from federal sources. On the other hand, the Republican leadership in Texas would build the wall out of its state budget.

The National Conservative Journal cites a DHS press release on Friday books, This BidenThe government has also terminated the recent contracts that the relevant ministry has not yet signed Donald Trump concluded during her presidency.

The contracts now terminated concern the rebuilding of a wall on the Texas-Mexico border that would have ran along the Laredo and Rio Grande rivers, about 31 miles long.

Migrants, mostly Haitians, on the banks of the Rio Grande, on the Mexican-Texas border, on September 19, 2021Source: Getty Images via AFP / 2021 Getty Images / John Moore

Meanwhile, the US southern border is experiencing an unprecedented immigration crisis, linked to Joe Biden’s lax immigration policy. Since the inauguration of the democratic head of state Until September Nearly a million illegal immigrants have attempted to enter the United States.

In the past month alone, nearly 30,000 Haitian immigrants have entered US territory, mostly in Texas, through the Rio Grande border, where construction has stalled. Of the 30,000 Haitian immigrants, 12,000 were eventually accepted, and the rest were escorted to Mexico.

Republicans have sharply criticized the Biden government, led by Texas Representative Dan Crenshaw and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, for ending contracts to build the border wall.

In addition to the president, he was heavily criticized Alejandro Mallorcas Also the Democratic Secretary of Homeland Security.

Otherwise, the Republican leadership in Texas will build the border fence, the federal one, in late September Information The state legislature has already voted on a $750 million budget for this. This applies to the construction of a border wall of about 730 miles, He sanctified the bill of exchange with his signature Greg Abbott Republican governor.

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