The best stroke in the NHL was announced at the Beijing Olympics

After the Canadian and Swedish cstrtkn, Finnish, Czech and American hockey players have also named the chrome NHL chains that will be included in jv februri Beijing during the Olympics.

As indicated by the IIHF, the US team will have the NHL file this year, 24-year-old Toron Austin Matthews, who has scored 351 points in 334 games so far. With a salary of $11.6 million each year, he is the third highest-earning hockey player in the world. Patrick Kane, 32, who won the Stanley Cup race three times with the Chicago Blackhawks (2010, 2013, 2015), will also be a member of the team. He won the championship title for the first time, in 2013 he was chosen as the narrowest player in the rating, and in 2015 he was the playoff top scorer.

Patrick Kane (left) and Auston Matthews could be on the same side in BeijingForrs: Getty Images via AFP / 2017 Getty Images / Claus Andersen

He placed second in the 2010 Olympics and third in the 2018 World Championships. He played in the All Star nine times and scored 1,088 points in 1,029 NHL games. One of the best buckles tricks in the world in 2016 was pontkirly’s MVP in the NHL. The third American player is Seth Jones of Chicago, who was voted MVP in the 2014 World Cup, and took a bronze medal at the 2015 World Cup, along with multiple All-Stars.

Ondrej Palat, the 30-year-old champ and 30-year-old from the Tampa Bay Lightning, has joined the Czech national team. Boston’s David Buster scored 427 points in 25 kids, 438 tackles in the National Hockey League, was the MVP of the 2020 All-Star Championship, and scored the most points last season. The 32-year-old Jacob Vorak (Columbus Blue Jackets) became the world champion in 2010 and third in the World Cup in 2011.

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The Finns also have a chrome buckle now, and they were all members of the 2016 World Cup for the second time. The 24-year-old Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes) scored 320 points in 366 games and was named Team of the Year at the 2018 World Cup. With him, Mikko Rantanen (Colorado Avalanche) reached 336 points with a score of 336. The 2014 Olympic bronze medalist Alexander Barkov (Florida Panthers) of 26 scored 465 points in 529 encounters.

Named hockey players can only walk away from the Olympics because of mania, disease, disfigurement, or disqualification, or when an outbreak of coronary artery disease makes it impossible for the NHLs to win.

The guys in Beijing should deliver the 55.5 fs frame in the coming days.

Hockey players have so far entered the Olympics:
Canada: Sidney Crosby (Pisstburgh Penguins), Connor McDavid (Edmonton Oilers), Alex Pietrangelo (Vegas Golden Knights)
Sweden: Victor Hedman (Tampa Bay Lightning), Mika Zibanegad (New York Rangers), Gabel Landskog (Colorado Avalanche)
Finland: Sebastian Aho (Carolina Hurricanes), Alexander Barkoff (Florida Panthers), Mikko Rantanen (Colorado)
Czech Republic: Ondrej Balat (Tampa Bay), David Pasternak (Boston Bruins), Jacob Vorasek (Columbus Blue Jackets)
United States of America: Auston Matthews (Toronto Maple Leafs), Patrick Kane (Chicago Blackhawks), Seth Jones (Chicago)

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