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The best place for me to play is the DAC

The best place for me to play is the DAC

You have completed your first full season in DAC colours. How do you rate your season?

I played my first matches during pre-season, then I started in the first tournament, but after that there were little ups and downs. I also played in the Conference League playoffs, when we were unfortunately eliminated, and then I made it to Somorga. This semester, I was back with the teacher Goa, so to speak, and then when the new coach arrived, Chisco Muñoz, I fought my way into the starting lineup and got better and better. I felt confident from the coach. So, the first semester was very beneficial for me: I was sent to the second division, and then I came back with goals and assists. So the second semester was better, and overall I can be satisfied with my first full season at DAC.

The beginning of the season was difficult, at that time you were not considered a regular player, then in the second half of the season you showed great improvement. What is the reason for this development?

Yes, I'm happy if you think so. I think I came to Somorga for a reason, and when I came back I was able to provide two assists in the cup match at DAC. After that I started as a starter, then the goal came. I don't like to say this, but I've made a lot of progress!

In the first tournament of the season, Adrián Guľa immediately entered the starting lineup at Nagymihály's home. How do you remember your first tournament in yellow and blue?

We played very well, and we played a scoreless draw. Zsolti Kalmár also had a powerful shot, but unfortunately it did not pay off. Looking back, I can say I wasn't satisfied with my game. We should have won the first game in Nagymihalyi.

In the fall, the team's performance was somewhat inconsistent, with perhaps the most painful defeat of the fall being a 5-1 defeat in Zolna. Finally, the coach changed, and Cesco Muñoz joined the team in November. How did you live this period?

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This is a very interesting time. After the heavy defeat in Zsolna, I returned to the DAC from Somorja in good condition. With Mr. Muñoz, I started immediately in the first match, for which I thanked with a goal. I was named to the starting lineup for all four fall games. So the change of coach was good for me and, in hindsight, for the team and the club as well, as we won second place with a fantastic unbeaten run in the spring.

You made your debut with the Spanish Professor immediately with a goal, but even then you seemed to be improving, so you got more and more playing time from Professor Muñoz. What do you think of the addition brought by the Spanish master?

He stepped up the defense and we conceded almost no goals. It was only a matter of time before the front of the team, the attacking department, added goals and scored goals. And at the end of the season, that was already evident. I would like to highlight these two things from the work of the Spanish teacher.

In the spring, the team had a great season, Muñoz found his way into the team and you, the players, felt the weight of the season. They became silver medalists. The team finished the tournament with nine championships without defeat, which could be a reason for great confidence for the next season. What do you think of this?

I can only hope that our unbeaten streak continues in the new season and that we can fight for the gold medal. I hope he remains the backbone of the team, because the company is very good, but I also trust that new players will arrive who will be able to add to all this. There are many games ahead of us in the new season, but we are here to achieve these goals.

There were big wins on the season, like beating Slovan twice, but the last four games were perhaps the biggest streak of success. The team defeated four of their direct rivals, helped by your excellent performance.

Apart from the last match in Zsolna (Vitalis could not attend due to his yellow card suspension – editor's note) I always had the opportunity to start and thank God I managed to score three goals. These last four matches, which we won over our direct rivals, say a lot about our team and our unity. Indeed, as I said, I also felt that the team felt the weight of the season, as a podium and international appearance depended on the last two champions! The team also felt that this was what the club, the fans and Donaszerdahely needed.

I scored a fantastic goal against Slovan, which almost reminded me of Zsolt Kalmar's free kicks, and I also won the Goal of the Month title. What does this award mean to you?

I didn't think I would score my first goal from a free kick against champion Slovan. I was very happy, but I was even happier that the team won, because I really needed this success. At that time, we really believed we could do anything. I can only be happy and consider it an honor to be mentioned on the same page with Zsolt. I would like to thank the fans for voting for me, and I can only hope that I can score goals like this next season as well.

Due to the suspension of the yellow card in the last tournament, you were not able to be present in the decisive rally in Zolna, but you were with the team. How did you experience this?

Yes, I actually accompanied the team and was there the whole time on the field. When the match started, I felt very bad, I was missing the field, because I knew how important and decisive the rally was. Thank God the children solved it, and I agreed.

It is clear that the management is also very satisfied with your performance, as you were able to sign a new contract recently. What is the deciding factor for you?

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I would also like to thank the club for giving me the opportunity, because I wanted to stay at DAC. I think this is where I can improve to become a better player. Obviously, this also depends on how successful the preparation is. I definitely took that into consideration, it's a big opportunity for me and the team as well, to be able to show ourselves at international level in the conference league. Winning the Cup and the Gold Championship are also among our goals, and I want to fight for that. I want to win one of the cups with the DAC. I couldn't have gone to a better place, because the best place to play is the DAC.

She also made her debut for the Hungarian under-21 national team under the management of Zoltan Gera. What does it mean to you to wear a shirt with the logo?

It was a very good feeling and I really hope that soon I will be able to wear the special jersey in the senior national team.

The European Championship has begun, in which the Hungarian national team is also participating. What do you expect from the Hungarian national team, and how far do you think we can go in the tournament?

They are placed in a fairly dangerous group, but the national team can aim to advance from the group. If that can be achieved, the boys will have to enjoy the rest of the matches.

The Olympic Games are scheduled to be held in Paris this summer. Do you have a favorite sport that you will definitely see at the Olympics?

Yes, I watch all the Hungarian athletes and every match of every Hungarian team with my father. I encourage them to go home with as many medals as possible.

The article was published in Magyar7 2024/25. In number.

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