The best computers used by Aston Martin and Dreamworks are also made in Hungary

The best computers used by Aston Martin and Dreamworks are also made in Hungary

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Lenovo refers to custom-built computers that are more advanced than a regular PC or laptop, but can be efficiently connected to many workflows in a variety of workflows.

Typical applications for workstations are graphic modeling: tools are often used in industries where complex design processes need to be drawn, visualized, or even 3D modeled. These could be architecture, mechanical engineering, automobile modeling, or fields that need analysis of complex schemes, such as in the evaluation of CT outcomes in healthcare.

Top Products Made in Anvil

Lenovo said the Anvil Factory, delivered last year, will also produce a full line of desktop graphics workstations. The plant employs about a thousand workers who assemble the final systems from raw materials and components from all over the world.

Anvil Picture: Lenovo

The 35,000-square-foot plant is the only “in-house manufacturing” unit, that is Lenovo’s owned unit in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, which plays a major role in the global manufacturing process. Its importance is well illustrated by the fact that similar “closer” plants can only be found in the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina or Japan.

They produce desktop and graphics workstations and servers for Anvil, where similar tools are used by global companies to make their graphics.

Lenovo is also a supplier to the animator Dreamworks or Aston Martin, which uses mobile and desktop workstations to design cars and test their aerodynamic performance.

Graphical performance and the efficiency of remote access are critical

This is because these systems perform particularly well in graphic work, so they can be used well in engineering, for example. By comparison, in the past, engineers had to wait up to an hour to load certain structural models, which slowed down their individual performance and limited their collaboration with colleagues. Thanks to the latest technology, this waiting time can be reduced to minutes or even seconds.

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Machines are similarly effective in business modeling. As we have learned,

Many stock exchange and financial analysis companies use these tools due to their advanced computing power on the one hand and efficient graphical presentation on the other.

According to the manufacturer, an important feature of workstations is that laptop computers, such as the P15 or P1 portable workstation, not only have a large IT capacity on their own, but also work remotely when connected to a system, such as a desktop computer. This is a competitive advantage primarily in workflows where multiple users are working together on a project, such as one that requires high graphics performance, even with everyone working in a home office. These devices are typically equipped with 11th generation Intel® Core 9 i9 or Intel® Xeon processors – both with vPro® technology.

Photo: Lenovo

Lenovo Mobile Graphics Workstations have been tested for military level requirements and perform well in harsh conditions. The tests cover the most unfavorable environmental variables ranging from arctic frosts to desert sandstorms, including testing temperature, atmospheric pressure, dust, humidity and vibration. For example, it is resistant to extreme cold or heat, strong sunlight, but also works in sandy, dusty environments.

Special screens are also designed for the systems, providing a more detailed image than before, helping to analyze, for example, drawings, photos, 3D models or X-rays.

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