The Belgians also have to change their second jersey due to FIFA's strictness

The Belgians also have to change their second jersey due to FIFA’s strictness

Although several national teams had earlier indicated that their captains would play in armbands emblazoned with “One Love” instead of the armbands introduced by FIFA, they indicated on Monday in a joint statement that they would not agree to this after tightening the belt. organization and its announcement. It would punish the players with a yellow card. something. Among the returning teams is Belgium, as Peter Bossart, President of the Belgian Football Association, indicated on Monday, that it is necessary to change the team’s away shirt, even though he had previously played a friendly match against Egypt on Friday. Hit Nieuwsblad.

According to the newspaper report, Bossaert confirmed that, like the rest of the captains, Eden Hazard will not wear a badge supporting the LGBTQI movement in the team’s opening match against Canada, because they cannot accept that the player received a yellow card before the start of the match. match. The President of the Belgian Confederation said that they did everything they could so that Hazard could wear the armband, which, according to him, is not a political statement, but rather a call to be more inclusive for all, but although he traveled to Switzerland in vain, he did not succeed in the end.

At the moment, the Belgian Confederation does not know what the next step will be, they still have to consider whether they want to escalate the dispute further, especially since the whole world already knows its position after the reaction of FIFA. On the one hand, Bossart may not only have a headache because of this, but also because of the fact that because of FIFA, the Belgians will also have to change their second jersey. The white shirt, designed in collaboration with Adidas and inspired by Belgium’s Tomorrowland festival, features rainbow graphics and an inside collar letters of love There is, too.

“The word love cannot remain on the shirt, which is sad, but FIFA has left us no other choice. However, the other parts of the association remain unchanged.”

Bossart said.

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The decision is strange, on the one hand, because Belgium will play in the first jersey in all three matches in the group stage, and on the other hand, because the love inscription does not appear even when the players put on the jersey. In addition, there are a few rainbow colored graphics that indicate collaboration, and With a version available for fan purchase By contrast, the background inscriptions are also rainbow-colored, and LOVE also blooms underneath, in relatively large letters. In addition, the Belgians’ second jersey was already presented live when, on Friday, they took to the pitch against Egypt in a friendly match, which they lost 2-1. By the way, Hazard was still wearing his ‘One Love’ armband here.

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