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The beautiful Zita George wrote candidly about the hardships she faced after her divorce

The beautiful Zita George wrote candidly about the hardships she faced after her divorce

Zita Görög is not only known for her beauty, but also often advocates for important taboo topics, and often shares inspirational thoughts on her social media page, which gives her nearly 70,000 followers great power. model this time He posted a post on his Instagram page In it, she wrote publicly about how difficult it was after her divorce when the children were not with her but with their father on weekends.

“Every two weeks, the adults go on daddy’s weekend. I walk around the house, collect the laundry, put to bed, and bring out the ice cream cups I forgot there. But I remember how hard it was in the beginning. I didn’t know what to do with the windy weather. I didn’t. There was no Netflix, I wasn’t on Facebook (let’s say yet) and most of all, I didn’t feel like doing anything. To myself less. I sat and cried that I couldn’t give them a real family, that I was such a depressing mother, and a crazy woman. Sometimes I fell into Such a slump that only my friends could pull me out of it. Somebody washed my hair and put me in their car so I could at least bill for my work (it was on paper), because I didn’t have the strength to do that. Then I slowly got used to it. It took It’s about two years, some panicked love, to settle around me and especially, if not all, but to strengthen the new self-created foundations. Two years to look at my qualities, hitherto thought of as weaknesses, in a different way. To get to know what , where I want to be different.I also slowly saw how many bad marriages there were around me that I thought were perfect. It took time for moms who thought I was brave and not unlucky to open up to me. The Open Academy, Pall Ferry Lectures, theatre, books, exhibitions or a stroll on Margaret Bridge. So, if someone has just entered this new world and is still getting used to the absence of their children, while looking at the perfect families, I say to them: cry, wash your hair, take a walk.
Because free time does not give you freedom. Only, you can make yourself that! “

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