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The bear climbed a barbed wire fence: a shocking video of the incident was filmed – Terraces

The bear climbed a barbed wire fence: a shocking video of the incident was filmed – Terraces

A black bear was captured in an incredible situation in Anchorage, Alaska.

The animal got in the way of a huge fence with barbed wire hanging on top, but that didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Bear on barbed wire

Flo Schoenberger was riding his bike home when he saw a horrific scene. A few feet away was a bear that had just begun climbing a high fence topped with barbed wire.

The man recorded the unusual scene with his mobile phone, taking care to maintain a sufficient distance from the wild animal. After a few seconds, the bear reached the top of the fence, and then made his way through the dangerous section with careful and practiced movements.

Based on the recording, it appears that the bear was not harmed during the climb, as it fled immediately after hitting the ground.

The incident happened a few years ago, but the Internet rediscovered the video. In the recording shared by Unilad’s Facebook page, most people found the incident very amusing, but according to one skeptical commenter, the video does not show a real bear, but rather a stylishly dressed person.

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Black bear struck by black bear: brutal video of the incident was captured

The woman who signed up had never seen anything like this before.

Our featured image is an illustration, source: Getty Images Hungary

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