The BBC also called on its employees to delete TikTok from the company’s devices

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2023-03-22 13:55:00

Last week, the British government banned the use of the Chinese-owned app on government machines.

The BBC has asked its employees to delete an app called TikTok from their company devices, reports A Watchman.

In the instructions sent to staff, it was stated that it is not recommended to install TikTok on BBC equipment, unless there is a business reason to do so. The reason for the decision is that authorities around the world have expressed concerns about data protection and security regarding the app. They have required their employees to contact the organization’s information security team if they use their own phone for work, but TikTok is also on it.

The newspaper reminds us that the decision was made at the BBC shortly after the British government banned the use of the Chinese-owned video-sharing service on government machines last week. The United States, Canada, the European Commission and New Zealand also made a similar decision due to data protection concerns.

Regarding TikTok, many fear that the Chinese state may be able to access the Chinese-owned company’s data, but there are also concerns that it may be able to influence the app’s algorithm in a way that the app directs users towards pro-Chinese content. TikTok’s owner, the Chinese company ByteDance, denied this, and also stated that it had not received a request for data yet, and would decline such a request in the future.

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