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The battle is tight, but seventh place is the alpha goal

The battle is tight, but seventh place is the alpha goal


Fri Aug 11, 2023 11:13 am


They have only scored third in races this year in F1, yet they are aiming to overtake Haas and Williams in the World Cup standings.

Last year, Alfa Romeo finished sixth among Formula 1 constructors, and thanks to their strong start to the season, they managed to maintain that position despite a poor second half. However, this year they haven’t started a year ago and, in fact, have only scored four points in the first twelve races, so at the moment the team made up of Valtteri Bottas and Guanyu Zhou is only ninth. place.

However, according to the chief engineer of the track, Xavi Pujolar, Alfa Romeo is not giving up, they are trying to meet the challenge with their competitors through improvements, namely Williams and Haas, who are two points ahead:

“We have some improvements in progress, both mechanical and aerodynamic, for racing after the lockdown,” Pogollar said in the columns. “We’re working to try to do better everywhere on the track, and we’re working together with each of our drivers to make sure we get the best we can.”

“It’s not just about improvements, we can also improve from an operational point of view,” added the specialist. “Everything is very tight in midfield, so even a tenth of a second can make a big difference for us. Then, if we want to get close to the top teams, that’s another challenge, but for now, focusing on seventh, the midfield fight is close.” Extremely “.

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